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Who doesn't want to automatically set & forget, protect their Family Memories, documents, videos and legacy for $9.97 or £8.50 UK per month. 

Hello I'm Chris Brown

Introducing Got Backup?. Got Backup? is a revolutionary online backup and recovery solution that is changing the game in the digital world. With an easy-to-use interface, top-notch security, and exceptional customer support, Got Backup? is quickly becoming the go-to solution for individuals and businesses who want to keep their data safe and secure.

This is by far an excellent product and opportunity! You get 6TB of data, for up to six people for under $10 a month or just over

( £8.50 ) a month in the UK. This can potentially save you and your family or the people you share with a lot of money. This simple, versatile data backup storage system that runs on every platform. From Mac, iPhone, Windows, Android to Linux. NOT, some excuse for a product that you'll find with a lot  of network marketing programs. 
The iPhone app, will sync all of your photos, and allow you to delete them off the phone

instantly if required. I assume the Android app has similar functionality. 
If you use the Mac program, this allows you to sync your files of choice, or backup your files

without sync. Photos and videos are now all removed from iCloud and your iCloud account

reverted to free! 
The biggest advantage, is not only does this save you money, and pay for itself, but as a

network marketing opportunity, there is very little fallout. Why would anyone want to leave a

program that can pay for itself over and over again? 






        Take the free tour: Enter Here

The promotional tools are excellent, with full tracking available, as well as a fully functional autoresponder built into the system. 
Got Backup? offers five beautiful promotional pages, a good selection of banners, plus ad copy and email templates. 
This is a truly professional system from beginning to end, and the type of system I would think we've all been looking to find for a long time. Its a pioneering structure, coupled with a high-demand product, equips you with all the resources you need to build a flourishing business and generate life-altering income. It's there for the taking, you just need to put your effort in and share as much as you can with others, results I'm sure will follow.
You get paid 200% commission for the first month, on direct referrals on monthly plans, and 25% every month thereafter. 
For annual subscribers, you get paid 50% commission for first year and the same for every renewal. 
You also get 25% for every purchase direct from the marketplace, and 25% matching bonus from ALL direct referrals earnings. 

This is all paid weekly.  Take the FREE tour: 
There is also a 4 by 2 matrix bonus (value changes depending on company profitability), paid monthly. 

This is an amazing program, that's to good not to love it! 

  • Excellent product, under priced, and exceptional value! 

  • An unbelievable network marketing opportunity, with a product that everyone needs. 

  • Available worldwide with no limitations. 

  • Profitable and sustainable. 

  • Looks beautiful! 

With the automated follow-up email package, it's an additional cost, however, templates and a fully functional autoresponder is included, so I don't think it's unreasonable to charge for it. I bought into it because I believe in this product and the company.

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Joel TherienOwner of Got Backup
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As a network marketing opportunity, it's very clean, sleek, and simple. Got Backup? is a state-of-the-art cloud backup solution with an ever-increasing customer base. As the world embraces the critical need for data security, you'll be at the vanguard of this booming market, primed to profit from this fast-growing industry.

Just In Hot Off The Press  Exciting CRYPTO News Alert! 

GBU Crypto News.jpg

We've got some thrilling updates to share with you! 

We are so excited, the floodgates of growth are here!

Crypto is now an option for joining GBU!!


This opens the doors for people from anywhere and everywhere to join GBU..

If GBU wasn't amazing enough the way it was, now its even better, and we are not done yet!

Why the Buzz?


Top leaders in Network Marketing are flocking to Got Backup? because they see our vision and are head over heels in love with Got Backup? 

New customers, get ready to embrace the future because... now you can pay with crypto!

What's Available Now:

Brand-new members, rejoice! You can now sign up using crypto for both monthly and yearly memberships of the CORE $9.97 or $99.97! 

What's Coming Up:

In the very near future, get ready for:

The ability to fund your internal wallet with crypto! This is a game-changer for monthly subscription renewals and for those aspiring to be VIP members or looking to shop in our marketplace. 


Example: Step 1 fund your internal wallet with crypto. Then, the world is your oyster! Use those funds to:

Sign up a new person.

Purchase or invest in our exclusive members' area, including auto-paying for monthly subscriptions. 

VERY IMPORTANT: We need a bit more time to build a robust portfolio of customers using crypto before we start paying commissions in crypto. So, stay tuned for that exciting update! 

Bottom Line


Crypto is Now Available for ALL CORE purchases including the OTO (one time offers - upgrades)

VIP is still not able to do crypto but Got Backup? is working on it!

Finally to recap, this is a $10 a month business or just over ( £8.50 ) a month in the UK (plus $40 annual affiliate fee, this can sometimes be adjusted by the company, and at this moment Nov ((23) it's only a $20.00 annual fee, however this may not last very long). This is an absolute no-brainer, and a huge income opportunity not to be missed.

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To Your Success

Chris Brown

Commissions earned with Got Backup are 100% dependent on affiliates' skills, effort and capabilities and market conditions. Commissions will vary. To earn income with Got Backup, affiliates must demonstrate commitment to work and grow there business. There is no guarantee of earnings. Protect all your data and Memories.

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