Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

       Can we sign up and pay with FIAT currency?

           No, this is BTC in and BTC out ONLY.


      Can I withdraw my initial package investment (of 70%)?

          Yes. You will need to cancel the contract, which will allow you to get your capital back minus 30% commission that we paid on the academy  

          product and minus a penalty for early cancellation. You will see this in our Terms and Conditions document.


      Can I upgrade using my existing balance/commissions?

          No, that is illegal. You must withdraw your earnings and upgrade with BTC.


      How long does it take for my daily trade pay outs to kick in?

          72 hours from the time your funds are confirmed.

      How long after I upgrade my package before my trade earnings will reflect the 

      increased package amount?

          There is a 72 hour period after your funds to upgrade have been confirmed, before your trade earnings will reflect the larger package amount.

      How does the price of Bitcoin affect our packages as it rises and falls?

          It affects our packages due to the fact that they are being bought with BTC, which is then converted to Fiat and deposited into the trade 


      If someone let's their contract expire, do they lose their spot in the Uni-Level and 

      Matrix immediately? If not, is there a grace period? Or how does that work?

          They have 30 days to renew their contract before losing their position in the Matrix. But the Uni-Level stays the same as part of that   


      When we upgrade, do we have to wait another 72-hours before we start receiving       

      trade earnings based on the bigger package, even though a portion of that

      upgrade has already been put into trading with its initial 72-hour clock?

          Yes you will have another 72 hour waiting period after you upgrade before your trade earnings will reflect the larger package. Cashfx  

          prefunded the trading account with a significant amount of capital to begin with so they wouldn't have to move deposits every day to the trade 

          account. Then they continue to add to the trade account every few days to stay ahead of the overall funds coming in. This is a very well funded           company so they had plenty of funds to start the trading off with as they knew they would be overwhelmingly busy with other prelaunch items.


     As a Bear, after you earn 2X on the Bear compensation side, do you have to

     reinvest to keep earning?

        Yes. Once you hit the 2X your contract has been fulfilled and you would need to purchase another package in order to keep earning on the 

        Bear's side.

     When we upgrade our package, do we pay the whole amount of the new package

     or just the difference between our current package and the larger package?

        If you upgrade prior to your contract reaching the 2X Cap on the Bulls/Bears, then you only pay the difference between the 2 packages. 

        However, if you wait until you have reached the 2X Cap on the Bulls/Bears, then you will need to pay the entire new package amount. Its   

        always best to upgrade prior to hitting your 2X Caps.

     What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?


     As a Bull do you have to reinvest in order to keep earning, once you reach 2X on

     the Bull's side?

        Yes. Once you hit 2X on the Bull side, your contract has been fulfilled and you would need to purchase another package in order to keep   

        earning on the Bull's side. However, you are earning up to 2X on the Bear's side as well. So you will continue earning as a Bear until you have    

        reached 2X on the Bear's side, but you will no longer receive any commissions on the Bull's side until you purchase another package. It is

        always better to purchase another package or upgrade before you hit 2X so you only have to pay the difference between the package you are

        currently on versus the package you want to upgrade to.


     What happens to my commissions due to me after I complete my contract on the 

     Bull's side?

         If the 2x CAP is reached, you must renew or upgrade at the full price. In order for you to receive the Uni-level commission that exceeded the 

         max cap, you must  upgrade by Fridays at midnight EST. Otherwise, you will lose the commission

         The grace period for the Fast Start bonus is a rolling 7 day grace period. You must renew or upgrade at full price with a rolling 7 day grace    

         period from the time your Fast Start bonus went into the "red" section on the Fast Start report.

         But to be clear, there is no grace period on the upgrade and still only get to pay the difference between their current package and the new 

         upgrade package. If they hit a CAP, THEN the "Renew" button comes up right under the 200% circle that indicates whether they hit their Bull or

         their Bear CAP. Otherwise the "Renew" button does not display. Only the Upgrade button displays, because "Renew" is only available AFTER a            CAP is hit.

        When you are pre-CAP (less than 200%), you pay the difference to ‘Upgrade’ to next highest package. When you are CAPPED out (at 200%+),

        BOTH options - "Renew" at full price of same package  or "Upgrade" at full price of any higher package.

        The "Renew" button doesn't display until AFTER the CAP - 200% is reached. Its hidden until CAPPED.

     When does the Matrix projected income report update?

         The Matrix Report updates twice a day to show the projected earnings one should receive on the next Matrix pay out. The numbers on the 

         Matrix report are not final until the actual Matrix Commissions are ran, audited and finalized for the pay outs on the 1st and 16th of each month.

     How long after I make my initial deposit before my trading begins?

     72 business hours.


     Why has my deposit not cleared yet?

         When you make your deposit, many times the service you are using will charge fees that they take out of the amount being sent. Our system  

         has to receive at least the amount of your package. So if you sent the exact amount and then your service took their fees out, your deposit is 

         short funds. You must add the fees on top of the amount of the CashFX package you are purchasing or our system does not receive the signal 

         from our payment processor to activate your account. You need to go back and send additional funds to the SAME wallet you sent to before. Be

         sure to add on all fees that your service may charge you. Typically $5 is enough to cover the fees charged from the service you are using, but

         be sure to check with your service provider for their specific fees.


         Note: Using an exchange could delay your transaction clearing time as they tend to send batches every couple days and they tend to charge 

         more in fees.


     Does my initial package purchase feed any funds into the Matrix?

         No. The Matrix is fed by the withdraw fees that are charged when you withdraw money from your earnings. This can be at the time you  

         upgrade or you simply want to take some funds out of your available Balance. When you withdraw you are charged 20% in withdraw fees and

         1/2 of those fees are put into the Matrix to create Matrix commissions.

         30% of your initial package purchase goes towards the purchase of your educational package, which 100% of the 30% is paid out in  

         commissions via the Fast Start and Uni-level.

     Why are my trading funds less than the amount I deposited with CashFX?

        30% of your initial package purchase goes towards the purchase of your educational package and the remaining 70% of your deposit goes into

        trading. Your 2X on the Bear's side is figured from the entire package amount, not from the 70% put into trade on your behalf. For example, if

        you deposit $1000, you are contracted to receive up to $2000 on the Bear's side, even though you will only see $700 of your deposit went into 


Please Note: All the above answers to the questions asked are correct at time of writing, however as time goes forward, this information when found may have changed. 


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