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Welcome to EMPOWER LIFE where all things are possible.

I'm Chris Brown

Just in case you have checked LiveGood out, to be clear this is not a clone as these programs are quite different. EmpowerLife does not have a physical product, its product is a suite of services (Digital Products). There is no buyers club model at Empower Life.

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The compensation plans are also quite different, the only part that is really the same is the 2 x 12 Forced matrix, however, Empower Life pays 5% per position in the matrix versus 2.5% at LiveGood.

With Empower Life You don't lose the matrix position if you fail to pay the monthly subscription, plus, you can get started for only $20 and $10 per month versus $49.95 + $9.95 per month.

With EmpowerLife you earn the same day you sign up a member it's called fast start commissions. You also earn Matrix Commissions. 

Further additional information about Empower Life:

There is NO recruiting required to earn in the matrix, full matrix pay out with no referrals is $4,096. per month. But please bear in mind that this could take a very long time to fill in your matrix waiting for spill over, therefore I suggest a little help by yourself to encourage others to join you and build your team and your matrix would be a far better idea and quicker.

You have so many different ways to earn income with EmpowerLife.

Fast Start Commissions

$10.00 Infinity Width,

$5 As a Free Member! (Also, Free Members Earn)

Global Matrix Commission

5% Per Member in Your Matrix! ($0.50 per member same time you registered a

paid member or receive a spill over)

Infinity Commissions -

Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses

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You invite just 5 members and you earn 10% Infinity Commissions!

You also have E-Shop Commissions: 50% discount and 100% profit when you resell the product.

Affiliate E-Shop Commissions: 5% To 25% Depending on Rank

Influencer Bonuses: 35% To 60% Affiliates Commissions

Ranks & Incentives: $1,000 To $100K Commissions

Diamond Bonus Pool: 5% of Total company Sales Monthly.

EmpowerLife is a platform created on August 2023 in the field of marketing, paid advertising, coaching, seminars, digital stores and human resources. It's suitable for marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer electronic courses at several different levels, from education, marketing, sales, artificial intelligence, human resources and digital marketing strategies. On top of that, we offer a variety of electronic books with all resale rights for our members, plus an outstanding travel search engine with probably the best deals and vacation offers.


We consider EmpowerLife as an extraordinary platform tapping into 5 massive global trends which have all converged at the same time to create one of the most innovative Companies in the world today.

To remind you it's just $20.00 to get started and only $10 per month thereafter.

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