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Tranquility Candle

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We have the business opportunity and the products you have been looking for, with an incredible compensation plan on the table ready and waiting for you to earn a very comfortable monthly income.

Aurra 100% Organic Candles with the Highest Quality Ingredients

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Hello I'm Chris Brown, welcome to the future of health and well-being products. NewGenDirect is a cutting-edge, certified organic and family run business. With 31 years of experience in this industry, our founder, formulator and CEO has created a range of exceptional innovative products, which are life-changing. Our products are distributed all over the world. We are a certified organic company with the Organic Food Federation and a full certified member of the DSA.

The freshness of Lavender, the soft sweetness of Roman Chamomile, the woody warmth of Vetiver, enjoy me-time like never before with our luxury Tranquility Candle. Designed to relax, rebalance and reconnect you to the moment, this beautiful, balanced scented candle elevates your wellbeing and your world.

Whether you're a retailer or recruiter, you can build a fabulous business with us and make a very nice long term income! Part time or Full time we can offer you many ways of earning. 

  1. Fast Recruiting Bonus

  2. Legacy Bonus

  3. Business Builder Bonuses

  4. Ambassador Bonus

  5. Retail Profit

  6. Monthly Commissions

  7. Car Bonus

  8. Recognition Bonus

Plus We have Daily Pay & Monthly Pay

With so much more to tell you and share with you, why not join us and be part of something very exciting.

The Wait Is Over.

Aurra Products Are Here   

NewGen Direct's sister brand Aurra Organics launches very first product range!

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Sparkling sweet Mandarin, fruity-floral Bergamot, softly spiced Patchouli – let your spirits soar with the exhilarating aroma of our luxury Uplift Candle. Designed to revive, stimulate and brighten mind, body and room ambiance, this mood-boosting scented candle is your fast-track to welcoming back wellbeing.

Uplift Candle

Big advances have happened with NewGen Direct in the last year, from the recent launch of 3 incredible new Marketing Plans with multiple ways of pay, a monthly car bonus, recognition bonuses up to £250,000 and multiple VIP booster accounts giving you the potential to earn on vast numbers of people in depth, which no other company can compete with. Major advancements in technology saw us integrate with major banks in different countries to provide our distributors in 31 countries with Instant Daily Pay. We also celebrated being welcomed into the DSA (Direct Selling Association) as full members. 

However, one of our most exciting announcements in our history has only just happened this last week. Our Company's brand new sister brand Aurra Organics has just been launched. A certified organic manufacturing business in its own right, Aurra is going to launch 22 new products in the next 8 weeks with many more to come. All NewGen Direct Distributors now have two certified organic brands to promote with two brand new state-of-the-art websites, one for each brand, which are being launched in the next week.

In the next 8 weeks, Aurra Organics will be launching 22 products and this is just phase 1 of our launch, with many more product launches to come over the next 2 years with our trailblazing certified organic wellbeing, skin and home ranges. This week saw the prelaunch of our ‘scent-sational’ 100% certified organic cruelty-free wellbeing candles, there is nothing else in the marketplace like them! 🤎

Join us for updates to find out why these products are so sensational and why our two brands provide you with such an epic opportunity, never yet seen before in the industry.

Aurra is proud to introduce six 100% certified organic wellbeing candles. Read all about them our website and read the product factsheets for more info. Spread the word, a new opportunity in the industry has been born like no other. 

Welcome to our sister brand Aurra Organics!

Invigorate Candle

Invigorate Candle.jpg

The bracing freshness of Lime, the crisp fizz of Lemongrass, the dazzling zest of Grapefruit, our luxury Invigorate Candle more than upholds its livening label. Designed to de-stress, energise and uplift, this supercharged scented candle sets a new standard in home fragrance.

Spiced Candle

Spiced Candle.jpg

Join us for updates to find out why these products are so sensational and why our two brands provide you with such an epic opportunity, never yet seen before in the industry.

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To Your Health and Success

Chris Brown

The sweet tang of Cinnamon, the fresh warmth of Sweet Orange, the succulent spice of Clove, let our luxury Spiced Candle envelop you in its soul-soothing, strengthening embrace. Designed to relax, release emotional tension and inspire, this sophisticated scented candle works wonders for your wellbeing.

Passion Candle

Rivive Candle.jpg

Sweet, spicy Ginger, rich, fruity Ylang Ylang and warm, woody Cedarwood – rouse the romance in your mind, body and surrounding space with our luxury Passion Candle. Designed to relax, intrigue and stir the senses, this exotic scented candle evokes a love affair you’ll never want to end.

Revive Candle

Revive Candle.jpg

The woody freshness of Rosemary, the cool zing of Peppermint, the spirited sweetness of Eucalyptus, regain your inner glow with our luxury Revive Candle. Designed to clarify, energise and rejuvenate, this heavenly scented candle elevates wellbeing to new heights.