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🏆 BEURAX Review Presentation 28 January 2021🏆

The investment section has 3 investment blocks with daily income:

🔝1) Total Return Swaps


Investment block with daily accruals of profit and with the return of the invested amount at the end of the deposit term. Fixed income from 1.4 to 1.8% per working day. Investments in USD, ETH, BTC are available.

🔝2) Currency swaps


Investment block with daily accruals of profit and without withdrawal of the invested amount at the end of the deposit term. Fixed income from 3.0 to 3.6% per working day. Investments in USD, ETH, BTC are available.

🔝3) Interest rate swaps


Investment block with daily accruals of profit, with a floating interest rate with a return of the invested amount at the end of the deposit term. Floating profit from 1.5 to 2.1% per working day, depending on the success of the bot's trades. Investments in USD, ETH, BTC are available. Learn more about BEURAX by visiting

I choose BEURAX with a unique concept of investment and networking. BEURAX does not use a matrix system, which means that you do not have to invite anyone to make money in the company.


Marketing is aimed at attracting private investors from all over the world, so that in the future, due to the high level of recognition and impeccable reputation, the company can take its place in 2 business areas at once.


You can just make money as an investor or actively develop your network business and earn even more. Beurax has a daily income, profit withdrawal at any time and excellent support for its customers. What do you think?

Investing in this project is so easy and simple. I like the thought of investing my money and slowly making a return over time without any pressure of recruiting and being able to reinvest to continue the cycle. If recruiting is what you are good at, you will love this opportunity.

BEURAX is a client-oriented financial company offering a wide range of private and corporate asset management services. By distributing assets using unique investment strategies and using innovative software we help private and corporate clients to successfully diversify their investment portfolios and qualitatively increase their fortune.

Anyone can start with a free account. The minimum to get started is only $20 and you can invest up to 15 BTC. You can have as many different investments as you wish. The company trades crypto 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.


Profits are paid daily directly into your BEURAX crypto wallet. You can withdraw every day and there are zero withdrawal fees. The minimum withdrawal amount is only around $10 or so. For crypto trading, BEURAX uses trading bots that are custom programmed with algorithms that use nano-second financial engineering.


These trading bots conduct about 1,000 crypto trades each day and they produce amazing profits. Members can monitor all trades and track their progress. Investment terms range from only 15 working days up to 200 working days.


Profits are paid out daily and at the end of the investment term, 100% of your principal investment capital is retuned to your crypto wallet. You can then choose to cash out or reinvest. Investment option profits range from 1.4% up to 3.5% each working day. There is an optional affiliate/referral program that pays up to 29% based on Capital Turnover.

So, if you’ve been searching for ways to make passive income online in 2021, or searching for the best passive income ideas and easy ways to make money and make passive income online, you have found the right place.


Low-cost passive income investments like BEURAX are hard to find. Earning money while you sleep and waking up to more funds in your account each day is not easy. Everyone loves the idea of true passive income but most people end up joining the wrong passive crypto programs and get scammed. Not here!

BEURAX is different. Really different. I believe this unique new program is a breath of fresh air and will last for many years to come.

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